(flow // 17.05.2017)


I believe in karma and I don’t know the complete rules to karma, but I believe that everything will come back back to you, not necessarily in the same way and right away, but I think, that what you give is what you get. I believe in equality in every way possible and I think it is so important. I believe that people are most beautiful when they are truly happy and I believe this is all I want from life, to be truly happy. Until a while ago I also believed in this mantra saying, not to let your happiness depend on anyone or on anything you may lose. And although I still think there’s some truth to it, mostly there is not. Because wherever I am, I find myself longing for people and I think that we need each other and I don’t think it is weak or tragic or anything like that. I feel like it’s beautiful and interdependence shouldn’t be a scary thing, although oh god, it still is for me.
I believe in eyelashes and 11:11s and knocking on wood and shooting stars. I think it is normal (and maybe sometimes even a little bit necessary?) to cling to security blankets and please don’t let anyone ever take yours away. Because at the end of the day all you really have is you.  And whatever makes life a little bit more lovely for you – you should hold onto that tightly. Dream away and dream more than people tell you you should, and have crazy big dreams and chase them with your head held high. You should do whatever makes you the happiest breathing human being on this planet.
I believe in love and soul mates and second chances. I know I am still struggling sometimes and there’s still so much to do but it’s 11:27 pm now, I’m alone in my room, the window cracked open, breathing some of Berlin’s warm but muggy air and it’s gonna be summer soon and I’m happy to be here. I’m happy to be alive.



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