(broken words // 10.07.2017)


Your heart will heal
and you’ll be fine again.
You maybe want to drown yourself in between your sheets for a while
and rest your voice and your eyes and just all of you.
But eat all the ice cream you crave
and watch all the chessy love movies you can find
and listen to all the sad love songs
and cry. Cry lots.
Just eventually,
cover your aching body in a hot bath,
put on your favorite shirt and step outside again. I know you’ll hurt but breathe the fresh air and let it fill your lungs and breathe and breathe and breathe.
I know you still feel his fingers tracing your skin,
and I know you keep looking at your phone hoping for his name to appear
and him holding you so closely is all you think of.
But one time, you’ll realize that the beauty you believed you only saw in his eyes
is all around you
so much more of it.
And the reason I’m telling you that is because
I need to believe in all of that just right now.
And you know as they say,
storms don’t last forever.
And somewhere along the line
you will feel light hitting your face again because just like everyday

The sun will rise again
– and so will you.



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