(late night thoughts // 19.06.2017)


Have you seen rainbows underwater
and did you feel stardust with your fingertips
Did you cry golden pearls
and have you laughed fairy tales
Did you dream with open eyes
and walk with your feet adhered to the floor
Have you ever watched the stars rise
and the sun dive into the universe
And honey, did you ever hear the sound of snowflakes crashing
Have you felt the silence of the city
and do you know how white lies smell
Have you tasted the moon shining
and sunflowers growing above and beyond you
Did you ever put glitter on your soul
and have you looked into the sun
until everything was fuzzy
and it felt like your vision was covered with confetti
Leave me speechless
with paintings I will never look at
and spell it out for me
using letters I can’t speak



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